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October 17, 2023

Making Pool Time Safe and Fun

Making Pool Time Safe and Fun

Ready for a summer of pool fun? Prioritize safety with these essential tips for protecting your loved ones.

  1. Constant Supervision: The First Line of Defense

    No substitute for vigilant supervision. Designate a focused "water watcher."

  2. Secure Your Pool Area

    Install a sturdy fence, use alarms on doors, and remove climbable objects.

  3. Teach Water Safety

    Enroll in swim lessons, educate about pool rules, and stress the importance of water respect.

  4. Equip Your Pool with Safety Devices

    Consider alarms, invest in safety equipment, and ensure rescue tools are accessible.

  5. First Aid and CPR Training

    Ensure everyone learns CPR and basic first aid for emergency response.

  6. Set Clear Rules

    Establish pool rules, boundaries, and emphasize the importance of not swimming alone.

  7. Avoid Distractions

    Stay off your phone to prevent delays in reaction time while supervising.

  8. Alcohol and Swimming Don't Mix

    Avoid alcohol when supervising as it impairs judgment and reaction time.


Prioritize your family's safety for an amazing pool season. Follow these guidelines for hours of poolside fun with peace of mind. For more articles, safety product recommendations, and resources, visit our website.

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