The Pool Fence
The Pool Fence

Self-Closing Gate

The Pool Fence

August 11, 2023

Gate Information

Our Gate Construction

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

Powder Coated for Durability

Explore the careful work in crafting our gates, made from a strong welded aluminum frame. The frame is powder-coated for a tough finish, ensuring years of use without the need for maintenance—a reliable solution for your property.

Innovative Support System

Double Square Poles for Stability

Our gate stands out with a trusted system. Unlike other designs, the hinges and latch aren't connected to the fence poles. Instead, double square poles on each side provide unmatched stability and support, reinforcing the reliability of the entire system.


Leading Magnetic Latching

Provider of Our Latches and Hinges

Trust the security of your gate to MagnaLatch, a leader in magnetic latching. We chose MagnaLatch as the exclusive provider of our latches and hinges for their track record of reliability and innovation, ensuring your gate operates seamlessly for years.

Tru-Close Self-Closing Hinge

Enjoy convenience and safety with the Magna Latch Tru-Close self-closing and adjustable hinge. This advanced technology lets the gate close smoothly and securely when released, enhancing overall functionality and security.

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